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Life Sciences innovations in The Netherlands

Close-upfoto van microscoop
Close-upfoto van microscoop
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The Netherlands has a lot to offer. Take a look at our selection of Life Sciences hubs where innovation flourishes.

Health Innovation Park

‘Working closely together on health innovation!’ The health sector is one of the top sectors of Overijssel, a province of the Netherlands in the central-eastern part of the Netherlands. Not only do healthcare organizations offer a lot of employment, many companies are also active in the sector.

The Health Innovation Park helps entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and healthcare professionals to bring healthcare innovations to the market in Overijssel. With this, the organization wants to improve the quality of live of inhabitants of Overijssel, improve the quality of care among healthcare providers, reduce healthcare costs and increase turnover and employment among companies.   

The Health Innovation Park is a cooperative and works closely with healthcare organizations, entrepreneurs, health insurers, knowledge institutions and governments. Together with the members and partners they form a network and a platform for cooperation and the sharing of facilities, knowledge and experience. We can help, for example:

  • to create a good business plan,
  • to arrange financing
  • to find cooperation partners.

More information: www.healthinnovationpark.nl  or see this video!


An example

An example of a successful healthcare innovation where the Health Innovation Park has contributed in, is the Nano blood filter by Hemoclear. This is a filter that uses Nano technology to clean blood, so it can be reused.

For example, after an operation. Medical entrepreneur Arno Nierig, noticed in his work as anesthesiologist, that daily liters of blood are being wasted in surgery. Arno Nierig: “I observe the process where we operate patients.

We put drains into patients, get the wound fluids out, collect this in containers, discord this chemical waste and then we buy from the blood bank an allergenic blood product. That means you are buying a transplanted product back to the patient”. A different and cheaper way must be possible according to Arno. So, he invented the Hemoclear.

Blood collected from patients in surgery is filtered, the valuable red corpuses are separated from the waste. Arno Nierig: “It’s like you have a table with holes in it. The red cells walk over the table and they don’t pass through those holes. The other tissue enzymes fluids just fall through those holes, in the separated layer below the table”.

There are many challenges involved in the new product development. To overcome obstacles, help from partners like the Health Innovation Park, can boost the development of a product. Arno Nierig: “The Health Innovation Park brought me together with the right people from the technical university. As a result, we were able to perform together in European grands applications like EFRO, to bring the product to the phase where it is now”. The ultimate goal is to improve healthcare in developing countries, where donor blood is very scarce.

Interested in more examples? Please take a look at our cases: www.healthinnovationpark.nl/cases/ or see this video about Hemoclear:


Campus Groningen

Campus Groningen is home to world class SMEs and internationally acclaimed knowledge institutes in the life sciences sector. It is no coincidence that the European Commission chose this region to become a European model region in the fields of biobased chemistry and healthy ageing. Our excellent knowledge and cooperation in Groningen also breeds Nobel Prize winners. What is our secret? A broad base of knowledge, genuine collaboration between knowledge institutions and business, a large influx of talent, and a Campus that optimally facilitates crossovers.

Our Campus is an inspiring ecosystem where high-quality researchers and entrepreneurs work together with governments on innovative Medical Technology & Devices, special Molecules & Materials, and Developing, Testing and (Bio)Analyzing new Pharmaceuticals.

With our focus on ‘how to grow old in a healthy way’, we have developed excellent research and expertise in:

  • Fundamental genetic research aimed at the early diagnosis of disease, and indicators of health.
  • Drug development and optimization in both the field of small molecules as well as large molecules and peptides.
  • (Bio)Materials research aimed at intelligent carriers and coatings for drug delivery (e.g. polymers and nano-tech).
  • Knowledge of the cardiovascular system and organ transplantation, and the required medical technology.
  • Knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, specifically mobility and rehabilitation and the required innovative medical technology.

Are you interested in collaborating with the innovative community on Campus Groningen?  Please get in touch and find out how we can assist. www.campusgroningen.nl

“It is no coincidence that the European Commission chose this region to become a European model region in the fields of biobased chemistry and healthy ageing.“

Pivot Park

Pivot Park is a life sciences campus, with a special focus on pharmaceutical innovation. The campus offers lab and office space of any size with access to high-quality pharmaceutical R&D facilities and infrastructure and expertise that gives companies the opportunity to accelerate, grow and excel in the area of drug discovery and development.

Among the 56 start-ups and scale-ups are also two GMP-qualified pilot plants (gram-to-kilogram and fill and finish) and an ultra High Throughput Screening Centre for the acceleration of your drug discovery. On-site analytical support (NMR and LCMS a.o.) and a well-equipped Open Access Laboratory make investments in own equipment less of a challenge.

The Pivot Park ecosystem consists of an active and innovative pharma R&D Community, that acts as a hub within a broader international network. The campus is an incubator that connects knowledge and experience between established companies, start-ups and spin-outs. Our business support regarding access to grants, private investments and venture capital will provide start-ups with all the ingredients for kick-starting their company the best way possible.

Pivot Park is based in the heart of the city of Oss, the Netherlands, at one site with an open character. The city of Oss is surrounded by several knowledge institutions offering you access to a large pool of talented employees. Besides this Oss is perfectly accessible by car and public transport and the different international airports in its surroundings.

Life sciences culture is embedded in our site and in our community, which makes Pivot Park the hotspot for pharmaceutical innovation.

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