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Health Valley Netherlands: strengthening the power of innovation

Foto Chris Doomernik
Foto Chris Doomernik
Chris Doomernik, CEO Health Valley Foto: Health Valley

Healthcare is changing dramatically in the Netherlands. More and more attention is being paid to prevention and the promotion of health.

Diagnosis and treatment are becoming more and more personalised. And the provision of care is increasingly being integrated around and with the patient. All these developments call for innovation in the Life Sciences & Health sector. To keep care affordable. And to ensure the quality and accessibility of care

Entrepreneurs are committed to developing innovative technologies, while the healthcare sector is focussing on improved diagnosis and treatment and the science sector on pioneering research, insights and breakthroughs. However, true innovative strength arises from a combination of demand, knowledge, expertise and funding.

Where challenges, ideas and knowledge are transformed into concrete technological innovations, new medicines or tools and a different way of working. Innovation network Health Valley Netherlands wants to provide the answer to current and future care-related issues, by reinforcing innovative strength through cooperation.

Together, we bring technology to the care sector.

Health Valley is the biggest Life Sciences & Health innovation network in the Netherlands. The network unites companies, care organisations, knowledge institutes and authorities and enables them to grow stronger together.

Together, we bring technology to the care sector. Care needs and requirements to developers. And innovations to the patient. Through a combination of innovative, market and entrepreneurial strength, our partners give an unmistakable boost to the care sector and we also encourage economic growth.

Health Valley is located on Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen. Where knowledge, entrepreneurship and innovation come together. 

Do you want to experience the power of innovation in The Netherlands? Attend the annual Health Valley Event on 14th of March 2019. This conference attracts a wide audience of entrepreneurs, doctors, nurses, patients, researchers and investors: An event you wouldn’t want to miss! www.healthvalleyevent.com or visit our website for more information www.healthvalley.nl.

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